Advantages of hiring remote workers

When the pandemic started, many people lost their jobs. Some thought that this would end soon but here we are in the 8th month and covid-19 still exists. So, we adapted. People started working from home. Many companies let people work remotely and even now, a lot of companies are providing work from home jobs/opportunities.

Written by TAFF Inc 08 Jun 2021

But as more offices begin to reopen, many companies are unsure about extending remote work opportunities.

Many employees want to continue working from home because of the following reasons:

1. Remote employees are more productive:

Global Workplace Analytics found that teleworkers were 20-25% more productive than office-based employees, and a study by TINY pulse showed that remote workers felt an astonishing 91% more productive when they worked remotely.

Not everyone is most productive between 9am to 5pm. Remote working makes employees feel valued and in control. Working remotely can make people feel empowering as it offers freedom and flexibility and lets employees create their ideal work environment.

There is less distraction as there will be no other employees to communicate.

2. You have access to more talent

When you need to hire employees from a set location, you limit your talent pool. Remote work lets you access the best talent across the globe. Younger people are used to communicating quickly and easily across the globe, and they expect the same opportunities in their careers. Flexibility of work hours will attract more creative people from different places all over the world.

With millennials working everywhere, they are a generation that likes things to happen instantaneously.

3. It reduces business costs as well as costs for employees

Studies suggest that companies with remote workers save $10,000 per employee each year in real estate costs. You scale back the office costs of furniture, bills, cleaners and office supplies, and tend to see fewer sick, which can cost $1,800 per employee annually.

In order to run an office, you need to have a budget for renting or buying a space, installing amenities like kitchen appliances, computers, internet, etc.

Hiring remote workers doesn’t just benefit employers financially, it also reduces costs for workers. Workers don’t have to think about the transportation expenses or buying clothes that would be suitable for the office.

4. It’s greener

Many businesses are looking for ways to help the environment. We live in an age of heightened environmental awareness, and businesses are increasingly called upon to introduce greener strategies into their operations. With that in mind, it’s important to consider the environmental benefits of working remotely.

With no office to be at, you won’t take out your car or any vehicle to work, which will help the environment.

In conclusion, hiring remote workers didn’t seem like an option when this pandemic did not exist, but now, every other company is willing to hire remote workers as they can access a larger group of people. Companies are trying to grow their business online which requires them to hire people who know how the websites work online, they need writers, creators, all for a website and social media apps.

These jobs are something that can be done from home, so you don’t really have to call someone to an office, you can just go online and hire people with really good skills.

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