Reasons Why You Should Choose Salesforce for Your Business

The CRM market is growing rapidly and has penetrated most of the developed markets today. The CRM solutions have rapidly evolved simultaneously into comprehensive cloud-based solutions. 

Written by TAFF Inc 10 Apr 2023

With multiple CRMs available it is difficult for a business owner to select the most appropriate one for their business. This is where Salesforce offers the most comprehensive cloud based CRM that has embedded solutions for multiple industries. It is not just a CRM but a complete business integration platform that will streamline and increase the efficiency of the business. Here are some stats that will explain the scale of Salesforce growth over the years

  • More than 1,50,000 businesses have adopted Salesforce CRM.
  • Salesforce is growing at an astounding CAGR of 29% over the past 10 years
  • It is the market leader with a global CRM market share of 19.8%



Why should you choose Salesforce? 

Ease to use 

Unlike traditional software that requires complex setup and installation, a business can get started with Salesforce by just logging into their website. The Salesforce team has removed all the challenges associated in setting up and onboarding is a walk in the park even for new businesses. All you need is an internet connected laptop or smartphone and you can login to the Cloud CRM and access or update customer data as and when required. You can also communicate with your team members once logged in.


One of the biggest USPs of Salesforce is that they are entirely cloud based. Once you’re registered onto the CRM, you or your team members can access the CRM anytime anywhere. They have pioneered a highly secured and fast accessible cloud based CRM platform. They have separate cloud-based solutions for Sales, marketing, support and analytics departments.


Effortless Customization

Salesforce offers the highest level of flexibility for all the users. You can add new modules, shift workflows, create sales funnel, etc all with a single click of a mouse button. All these could be seamlessly achieved within a few minutes. In addition to built-in features and customization, Salesforce also enables the business to easily add and integrate new apps from the AppExchange or create your own application using Salesforce App Cloud. Data from multiple sources can easily be integrated into the Salesforce platform using their single-click tools.


Go Mobile 

Salesforce was the pioneer in developing and launching a full fledged mobile based CRM app. Their mobile app offers a 360 degree of the customer data in the CRM and enables the employees to interact with the customers using their smartphone even when they are on vacation. 


Efficient Reporting 

Salesforce offers a rich set of reporting suite that is both comprehensive and easy to launch. The reporting tool is highly customizable and offers multiple functionalities like contract management, real-time reporting, data analytics, etc. Since the reporting facility is mostly automated, you can focus more on the core business instead of spending time in generating reports manually.


Multi-Tenant Platform 

Salesforce doesn’t differentiate between the companies whether they are small or huge, they all use the single Salesforce platform. Salesforce platform is not only super-fast but also highly secure and offers upgrades 3 times a year. Businesses of all sizes can enjoy the latest upgrades at the same time without paying anything extra. 


Integration Options 

The Salesforce CRM offers a superior open API that enables seamless integration with multiple data sources and third-party applications. They have built-in single-click integration available for popular sources like MailChimp, Google Cloud, Zendesk, Dropbox, etc. Their Open API is very well documented and enables you to create integration with newer sources or applications easily. 


AppExchange Ecosystem

AppExchange offers thousands of ready-to-install applications into the CRM. These third-party solutions are highly secure and fully tested for Salesforce. It has both free and paid applications and you have a vast variety of applications to select from. You can also create and launch your application in the AppExchange and join their partner program.


Customer Success Platform 

One of the key features of Salesforce is the Customer Success strategy that it offers to businesses. The sales team can unify multiple functions within their business to achieve customer success. Both the marketing and sales team can track potential customers even before they become actual paid customers. Salesforce Analytics will aid companies to analyse and understand team performance while driving more sales. You can attend to various needs and preferences of the customers using various tools like Sales cloud, Service cloud and Marketing cloud.


Extensive ecosystem

Salesforce was initially launched in 1999 and they have grown multi-fold till date. They have an experienced team of developers who work not only for Salesforce but also for their CRM users. They have a special team named as Salesforce Success Community which communicates with the customers to understand and develop specific applications for them. Businesses can count on the experienced and expert team of Salesforce developers for customizing the CRM for their specific requirements.


Key Takeaway

Using Salesforce, a business can work closely with potential leads, existing customers, partners and various other stakeholders of the company. You can not only connect better with your customers using Salesforce but also closely track customer activity and market to customers.

We help you in getting started with Salesforce and walk you through the success journey of digital transformation. Feel free to reach out to us for all your queries about Salesforce. We’ve a strong team of Salesforce developers who have successfully launched multiple apps in the AppExchange and helped businesses worldwide in efficiently using Salesforce. Contact us today

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