Automated Ordering System to Streamline Sales Order Fulfillment

Companies that grow at scale can no longer continue with manual order processing. An automated ordering system consolidates orders from all available sales channels into a single platform & automates various parts of order processing like generating invoice, notifying customers about latest status updates & tracks complete order fulfilment in real time.

Written by TAFF Inc 07 Oct 2022

Such automated systems will not only save time for businesses but also completely eliminate errors due to manual work. Manual order handling can lead to multiple errors like skipping an order, delivering the order to the wrong customer, etc. Such errors can cause permanent customer loss to the business. This is why it is important to switch to an automated ordering system to streamline sales orders and this is even more significant for businesses having omni-channel sales strategy. 

Benefits of Automated Order Processing Software

1. Automatically captures sales order data processing

An automated order processing software will automatically capture incoming sales data from multiple channels and enter them instantly into the business’s ERP without any manual intervention. Since the order detail is automatically verified and matched with historical customer data, there is no need to re-enter customer information or delivery address, etc. This saves time and enhances speedy delivery of the order to the customer.

2. Collects customer data

At the time of capturing order data, the automated order processing system will also collect useful information about the customer like contact details, previous order history, delivery address preference, payment modes, etc. Such in-depth customer information will help businesses with valuable insights to generate future demand forecasts and also deliver tailor-made customer solutions. This will enhance customer’s user experience and overall satisfaction.

3. Improves accuracy and eliminates errors

“To err is human” – Eliminating man-made errors is one of the key benefits of automated order processing software. Automation in order processing will not only speed up order delivery but also lead to very high accuracy and efficiency. It is quite natural for humans to make mistakes while processing a large set of orders manually and an automated order processing system will totally eliminate errors and improve accuracy which result in customer retention.

4. Streamline order tracking with an order management system

A well implemented automated order processing software not only saves time and increases accuracy but also seamlessly integrates with other platforms. Order processing system can integrate with your business’s ERP, inventory management system, warehouse management system, accounting and invoicing software, etc. Such seamless integration enables Realtime tracking of orders across departments. Since all the data are integrated, a business can use data analytics to gain some valuable insights about their customer’s behaviour.

5. Decreases order fulfilment costs

When a business successfully implements an automated order processing system, it will result in reduction of labour. Human resources that were put in place to manually process orders can be relieved from their position and can be deployed elsewhere that will improve the profitability of the business. Since order management systems are highly efficient, it will take lesser time to process orders and thus result in business growth in the long run.

6. Provides faster shipping times

Some of the tasks that can be automated using software are printing of shipping labels, verification of orders when they arrive, etc. Such automation can lead to faster shipping and order fulfilment. This is highly helpful for businesses that process 100s of orders on a daily basis.

7. Lets you process orders from anywhere

Since everything is automated and recorded in a cloud-based platform, you can process the order from anywhere in the world right from the comfort of a mobile application. Whenever an order is placed, the system will automatically verify the order and forward it to the nearest order fulfilment center for faster delivery. 

8. Maintains high customer satisfaction

An automated order processing system will keep the customer updated in real-time. Various order status updates are sent to customers across communication channels like text message, email, Whatsapp message, etc. Since the customer is always kept in the loop and the process is transparent, it will lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention.


Key features your automated OMS should have:-

1. Order processing and distribution

Orders from multiple sales channels are automatically captured and the order is verified and confirmed once the payment is completed. Once verified, these orders are automatically entered into the order processing system. Invoices and shipping labels are generated. Once everything is in place, the order is forwarded to the most suitable order fulfilment centre based on the inventory availability and delivery address of the customer. Order modification and cancellations are also taken care of by the order processing software.

2. Order delivery management

The software will come up with the delivery priority based on various factors. Then the estimated time for delivery is calculated for all types of orders including pre-orders. If the same customer has made more than a single order, then those orders are merged for better delivery efficiency. Once everything falls in place, the logistics partner will be automatically assigned to each order and the same will be notified to the shipping carrier.

3. Payment processing

Nowadays, most of the automated order processing software comes with a built-in payment processing system that seamlessly integrates with multiple payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, etc. Each transaction request will be captured and routed to the payment gateway with pre-filled customer information and order information. It also supports multiple currencies and various modes of payment that suit each customer preference.

4. Customer self-service portal (for B2C and B2B)

The software will have access to complete customer information like contact details, order history, payment preference, delivery locations from multiple sales channels. Refunds and cancellations will also be taken care of by the system since it offers real-time live tracking of the orders. Customers are automatically notified on various stages of order fulfilment like order picked up, out for delivery, successfully delivered, etc. For B2B orders, accounts can be created for both head office and various branch offices. 

5. Return and warranty requests management

A customer might request a refund from sales channels or through a customer portal or by calling a customer support executive. The software will automatically capture the refund request and verify the same upfront. Once verified, it will calculate the refund amount and initiate the necessary procedure and notify the customer on the refund amount and the time it will take the refund to be completed.  

6. Analytics and reporting

Since all the data is recorded digitally in a cloud platform, it is possible for the business to use Big-Data tools to run data analytics. KPI tracking like fill orders, orders completed per day, carrier success ratio, etc are some of the important metrics that will enable a business to take calculated decisions. Based on historical customer order details, a business can predict the future order demand and helps the business to stay ahead of the demand curve.

7. Integrations

Since an automated order processing system integrates seamlessly with multiple ERPs and third-party softwares, it is easy for the business to track everything in one single dashboard. Some of the integrations are with inventory management software, accounting software, warehouse management software, Customer support portal, shipping carrier systems, etc.

Ordering Automation – Case Study

Customer: The company is a leading manufacturer of phyto-based pharmaceuticals in the USA. Their products help cure anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc.

The Problem: The business has not updated their software system in a while and they had to introduce a patient registration module in their website to cope up with the new regulations. During the registration the customer has to submit all necessary documentation related to their illness like prescription, medical records, insurance documents, etc. The biggest challenge was they were sending these documents through mail and the business has to manually process such incoming physical documents. 

Solution: Oauth 2.0 authorization was implemented that enabled users to authenticate themselves and securely store documents in cloud platforms with a high level of encryption. Order management system was automated and integrated with warehouse management software that provided a centralized visibility about the complete order status. 

Results: The complicated process of registration and submitting documents became simple and this enabled the business to acquire more customers easily and adhere to the regulations. Reduced cost and time for document collection and verification. Order fulfilment errors and delays were largely reduced and resulted in better business growth.

Ready to automate your order processing workflow?

Whether you’ve low visibility in the inventory levels, or you’ve  a lot of backorders, or you’ve multiple sales channels or you’re experiencing multiple errors in order fulfilment, then it’s high time that you should work on automating your order processing workflow. TAFF is a leading IT consulting and software development agency that has developed successful order management systems for various businesses. We will be glad to partner with you in analysing your order workflow and designing an efficient automated order processing system that will eliminate all manual errors and fast track your order fulfilment rates. Ready to find out how automated sales order processing can fit into your business? Contact TAFF to know more

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