Why Business Process Automation is a Must for Every Company

According to the State of workflow automation report, 25% of managers on an average spend around 20 hours a week on manual cluttered data tasks which could be automated if business process automation is implemented. Another report from McKinsey Global report reveals that 57% of the businesses worldwide have started implementing business process automation, this is a 2018 report and this number could be much higher now. 

Written by TAFF Inc 01 Apr 2022

BPA helps in killing the hurdles that lead to potential revenue and time loss. If the above numbers are not convincing for you to initiate BPA, let us look at various factors that explains why BPA is a necessity for businesses and not just an addon anymore.

Enhanced Performance

One of the key advantages of delegating repetitive manual tasks to digital format is multiprocessing. A well-planned digital solution can handle multiple tasks simultaneously that are independent of each other which enhances performance. Another key benefit of digital transformation is that there is no need to manually monitor whether tasks are done properly, since automated tasks are error-free and seamless.

Save Money For Business

The traditional approach of doing business involves handling cumbersome daily business processes that are repetitive in nature by employees which are time consuming and decrease the morale of the employees. When BPA is implemented to automate these repetitive tasks, resources are optimized and put to more important tasks. This not only saves cost for the business but also increases the morale of employees since they are focussing more on important processes that increase revenue generation.

Free up resources for more important tasks

Once less important and boring tasks are automated using business process automation, it frees up valuable time of resources. These employees can dedicate their time and effort on significant tasks that can lead to growth and efficiency.

Document automation

Whatever be the industry, data management has become an integral part of the business process. It is almost impossible to manage huge chunks of data manually as it could lead to errors and permanent data loss. Errors could be due to both human nature or other errors that might be untraceable. When document handling is automated with BPA, it completely eliminates all the bottlenecks that lead to errors. BPA transforms the data process right from the data acquisition stage to migration, backups, etc. the complete process is streamlined that saves valuable employee hours and makes it error-free. BPA also brings in security that allows data to be segregated and make it available only to certain people using role-based access methodology. Data backup is also automated which makes it easy to recover any data loss immediately. 

Enhanced customer service

Chatbots have revolutionized digital customer services in the recent years thanks to business process automation. Chatbot makes use of Artificial Intelligence to answer customer queries instantly and more efficiently without manual intervention. The wait time for customers to get support is drastically reduced and improves customer satisfaction and retention. This is particularly useful for businesses that are largely customer centric like insurance and financial companies that receives 1000s of customer queries each and every hour. 

Improved Compliance

Governments and local bodies around the globe have become more stringent in legal compliance for businesses to follow. Legal compliance is largely taken care by a dedicated compliance department. Any error or lack of compliance can result in hefty penalty or even business closure in some rare cases. Since all the processes are automated and recorded using business process automation digitally it completely removes all possibilities or errors in the compliance process. Whenever a task is automated, all the instances of the tasks are completely monitored and recorded including the name of the task, time, place, name of the performer, etc. This log can be extremely helpful for any future legal audits.

Minimizes Errors

As stated above, there is no way manual processes can be 100% accurate. Human beings are prone to make mistakes due to a wide variety of reasons and it cannot be avoided despite multiple levels of review. The exact opposite is applicable for digitally automated processes and they are completely error-free. Once businesses are error-free it largely increases the operational efficiency of the business.

Creates a systemized process approach

The traditional business process involves multiple teams, where each and every team member will offer different levels of outputs that degrades the overall performance of the team. When a business process is automated, it involves upfront designing of a workflow model that is totally automated and error-free. The complete system follows the same process and adheres to the same level of standards right from the start to completion. Such a systematic approach to business processes can be really efficient and result in better productivity.

Recruiting and onboarding employees is made easy

The manual process of employee recruiting and onboarding involves a lot of paperwork and also might violate a lot of compliance and GDPR violations. More than 58% of the work carried out by HR professionals are focussed on documentation instead of the people. This is why employee onboarding is a key candidate for BPA. Once BPA is implemented in employee onboarding process, everything is automated from searching and filtering potential resumes following GDPR guidelines to automatically schedule interviews and streamlined onboarding process once selected. 

Better collaboration

Once every process in the organisation is automated digitally, all the information and insights are made available through various dashboards that offer superior reports. Data is made available in real-time 24/7. Managers from various departments can access key information as and when required from various devices. They can access data from various parts of the globe instantly and communicate with their team members online.

The Bottom Line:

There is no alternative to business process automation that offers such superior results. A lot of companies have interest in BPA but are hesitant to implement it considering the capital required and the potential disruption it could cause at the starting phase. 

We at TAFF believe BPA is a process rather than a one-time project and hence we will ensure smooth and well-planned digital transformation of your business processes without disrupting the business. We audit your business and identify processes that are potential candidates for automation and assign priority to them. Feel free to connect with us for a detailed discussion on how we can help transform your business and save costs.


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