5 Predictions about Software Development Trends in 2021

Adoption of low-code platforms- Many organizations started using low-code platforms to build apps and launch them faster, during the pandemic. This will drive people to invest in low code platforms. It is expected that we might see new hybrid teams emerge, with business users and professional developers building apps together with low-code tools built on cloud-native platforms.

Written by TAFF Inc 11 Jun 2021
  • Artificial intelligence will drive more development automation-It is predicted that more than a third of developers will use machine learning in 2021 to automate development activities. People will use machine learning models to make test automation smarter, and natural language processing will be used to review test cases and eliminate duplicates, as well as identify gaps in test coverage.
  • Neuralink- Neuralink was founded four years ago and is about to present a commercial version of the product. According to Elon Musk, the N1 chip, implanted directly into the human brain, will make it possible to “communicate” and control machines around. The main value of this particular technology lies in its application in medicine. The creators say that the chip will restore vision, improve speech and the ability to walk for paralyzed people, restore memory, etc. It will allow us to better understand the structure of the brain and help scientists in the treatment of a number of diseases, such as epilepsy. Maintaining such technology will require new skills from developers. It is necessary to quickly assimilate new knowledge, acquire skills, and closely monitor new cases of using such a technology.
  • Human Augmentations- Also known as Human 2.0, Human Augmentation is a set of technologies and techniques that can be applied to duplicate, complement, and empower people to dramatically improve their lives. It’s about implants built into the human body and external tools such as an exoskeleton, for example, that allow a person to go beyond his usual boundaries. At the moment, technologies are being developed and implemented to restore some of the human senses, such as sight or hearing. Also, certain successes have been achieved by the company in the development of technologies that can increase human strength or intelligence. And while still at the conceptual or initial stage of development, the methods will significantly increase human abilities. The creators and scientists of programs like above will be in great demand. People will start learning about software development in ways that we could only once imagine. It will be futuristic.
  • Mixed Reality- Mixed reality is all about bringing together the best of Augmented and Virtual reality that will create an immersive environment. The ever-growing demand for products based on this technology brings mixed reality to the list of software trends. Moreover, the Mixed Reality market is forecast to grow rapidly from $1.054 billion in 2017 to $9.982 billion in 2024. The software industry is already preparing solutions for future implementation. Mixed Reality is expected to have the biggest impact and broad application in the entertainment, simulation-based learning, arts, healthcare, retail, remote work, historical reenactment, and military training industries.In recent years, software development has accelerated its growth significantly. New technologies require new developments, specialists in various fields work every day to provide innovative solutions for various industries: from retail to global finance. There will be a huge demand for software developers as this technology is only going to make the world more futuristic. The trends will be worth watching when they unfold. It will be a good future after all!
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